Upper Hudson Green Party Uncategorized Upper Hudson Green Party Announces City of Troy Slate of Candidates

Upper Hudson Green Party Announces City of Troy Slate of Candidates

June 13, 2019 – Troy, NY – The Upper Hudson Green Party today announced a slate of three candidates for Mayor, City Council President, and City Council District 1 in Troy. Green officials said this was in response to Opportunity-to-Ballot (OTB) petitions filed in those races by the Democratic and Republican candidates attempting to steal the Green Party line in the June 25th primaries, and that they would campaign hard to keep the Green ballot line Green.

“There is a bipartisan effort to steal the Green ballot line statewide, but just in Rensselaer County there are 18 OTB attempts. In Troy, Rodney Wiltshire, Carmella Mantello, and Jim Gulli are each attempting to OTB the line and have publicly claimed the Green endorsement, which is patently false. We are going to defend the Green ballot line from these unethical candidates,” said Kaleb Winters, UHGP chair.

“Our three-person write-in slate is:

  • Casey J. “CJ” Chapman, a Mother and a State Committee member, for Mayor.
  • Cerrone Y. Cunningham, a longtime volunteer at the Sanctuary for Independent Media, for City Council President.
  • Christopher “Chris” M. Scully, an engineer and co-host on the Hudson Mohawk Magazine radio news hour, for City Council District 1.

Our candidates will run to build the Green Party. We believe it is important for Green ideas to be represented by Green candidates. The OTB process promotes disingenuous politics and voter confusion. The Party denounces this attempt by the Democrats and Republicans to steal the Green line and calls on Green voters in those districts to vote by write-in for true Green candidates in the primary on June 25th in order to prevent ballot-line hijacking,” concluded Winters.


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